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October 4, 2022

The Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District is seeking public input for the current strategic planning process.

Below you will find a survey monkey link and a QR Code for convenient access to the public survey.

The District values your input and will continue to strive to meet the ever changing needs of the public it serves.

The survey will be open until 5:00 P.M. October 21st.

March 9, 2022

The Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District Board of Directors voted unanimously to place a $.15 operating levy increase on the April 5th ballot. For a homeowner of a $300,000 home, the increase will be less than $7.15 per month.

In 2021, we responded to 2,125 calls for medical assistance at homes, businesses, traffic accidents, senior living facilities and schools; fought fires from farm fields to homes; and other emergencies. This is more than twice as many calls as the 908 in 2004, the last time that we asked for a tax increase. And over 10% of the calls are overlapping. In other words, we are responding to two emergency calls at the same time.

We are proud to provide some of the best emergency medical care in the area. In 2021, we made over 1,000 trips to hospitals transporting people who had been injured in accidents, had suffered a heart attack or stroke, had fallen and broken a bone, or suffered other medical emergency. This was a nearly 70% increase in trips since 2008. We want to be able to continue to provide the best medical care possible by continuing to update our medical equipment as technology improves to enhance overall patient outcomes. For example, our ambulances can now communicate with hospital staff and transmit vital information to the hospital while enroute including transmitting real-time 12-lead EKG results.

Since 2004, when we last asked for a tax increase for our operating budget, in response to the increase in calls, we have doubled our staff. In 2004, our career firefighter/EMTs and Paramedics staff was 12 (3 shifts of 4). In response to the increase in calls and population, we have expanded to a staff of 24 (3 shifts of 8)

All departments in the Kansas City metro area are dealing with a paramedic shortage. We need the ability to continue to attract and retain top firefighter/EMT and paramedic talent to continue to meet the significant increases in calls.

We also want to continue to offer other services to the community including monthly CPR/first-aid training classes, certified child safety seat installation at the Fire Station, fire safety education to schools and other community groups, and smoke detector installation and battery replacement.

The efficient fire protection and prevention services we provide not only saves lives and property, but also resulted in reduced insurance rates for homeowners, business owners, and renters.

You can check on the monthly CPR classes and see other information about our District by visiting kearneyfire.org.

If you have specific questions regarding this ballot issue, please contact Fire Chief Kevin Pratt at 816-628-4122 or via email at kpratt@kearneyfire.org.

March 8, 2022 @ 10:00 a.m.
Missouri Statewide Tornado Drill

Click for more informaiton

March 22, 2021


The Kearney Fire and Rescue Protection District is accepting applications for Firefighter-Paramedic to fill one immediate opening and to establish an eligibility list. We will also be establishing an eligibility list for Firefighter/EMT for a minimum of the next 12 months or until the list is exhausted. Applicants must be eighteen years of age, high school graduate or equivalent, and possess a Missouri State Vehicle Operators License, Missouri State EMT or Paramedic License and be FFI & II certified. Applicant should be in good physical condition with no criminal history. Candidate will be required to perform normal firefighting activities, operation and working knowledge of fire, rescue/EMS vehicles and equipment including the care and transportation of patients. CPAT certification or completion of department physical abilities evaluation will be required by hire date. Interviews will be given to all applicants that meet the minimum qualifications. Applicants will be notified of interview date and time. If hired a post offer medical exam and drug screen will be required. Current salary range for non-exempt shift work is estimated at $39,674 - $55,317 annually for FF-EMT and $45,734 -$60,839 for FF-Paramedic (experience may be considered). Benefits include employee health/dental/vision insurance, MO LAGERS retirement, sick and vacation accrual. Application forms are available on our website: KearneyFire.org. or may be requested by mail at P.O. Box 341, Kearney, Missouri 64060 or by calling Administrative Assistant Rhonda Fort at (816) 628-4122, Monday - Thursday. Return application with cover letter and copies of your high school diploma or GED, certified official copy of Motor Vehicle Driving Record, current driver’s license, EMT or EMT-P license, FFI and II certificates and birth certificate. Applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. April 15, 2021, incomplete applications will not be processed. EOE
Click here to download an application.

Effective 03/17/2020 12:00
Due to the critical nature of EMS/Fire first response we are implementing restricted public access to the fire station and personnel. This will include pausing our onsite/station CPR training, car seat installation, station tours, public displays etc. We also have to restrict receiving outside food and drink from the community.

This procedure will remain in effect until such a time as deemed safe. At this time there are currently no confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Clay County. However, the situation here in the U.S. and abroad is changing daily.

We would like to remind you that If you are feeling generally ill (not having difficulty breathing or chest pain) and have reason to believe you have been exposed to COVID-19, please call your health care provider for instructions. Do not go to the emergency room or the health department for testing. Please see the information below from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to learn more about what COVID-19 is, how it spreads, travel guidance, information for health care providers and more. You can also stay informed by following Clay County Public Health Center on Facebook and Twitter.

More questions about COVID-19? Call the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) hotline at 877-435-8411. The hotline is being operated by medical professionals and is available 24 hours a day (with an average wait time of 5 minutes,) 7 days a week.

NEW Kearney Chamber Map
We are excited for the release of the NEW Kearney Chamber Map - now available in print and on-line at kearneychamber.org/chamber-map/.

Holiday guidance from CDC CCHD
CDC Holiday Celebrations
Clay County Public Health Center Guidance
CDC - Celebrate Safely: Halloween 2020

Public Notice - March 21, 2019
Accepting Applications for Full-time Firefighter-EMT and/or Firefighter-Paramedic (EMT-P)

And the Winner Is...
Congratulations to the winners of the Kearney Chamber of Commerce Winter Window Decorating Contest! Winners and Prizes are as follows: 1st Place - Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District Click here to read more.

Fireworks Safety
The usage and discharge of fireworks are strictly prohibited in many greater Kansas City communities, however some communities do allow the discharge of certain class "C" fireworks. If your community allows for the discharge of fireworks, the Heart of America Metro Fire Chiefs Council offer the following safety tips: Click here to read more.

Kidde recalls almost 38 million fire extinguishers
On Nov. 2, 2017, Kidde announced a recall of almost 38 million fire extinguishers sold in the United States. They may not work during a fire emergency if they become clogged and require a lot of force to use. Also, the nozzle can come off with enough force to strike and hurt someone. Kidde recommends owners immediately replace these fire extinguishers.

The company is aware of one death when emergency responders couldn�t get the recalled extinguishers to work. There have been almost 400 reports of problems related to these Kidde fire extinguishers.

Check the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission�s website for information on specific model numbers involved with this recall. Kidde will replace recalled extinguishers for free. Click here to read more.

Public Notice: 2017 Tax Levy
A public hearing will be held at 6:30 P.M., August 21, 2017 at the Kearney Fire Station at which time citizens may be heard on the property tax rates proposed to be set by the Kearney Fire and Rescue Protection District, a political subdivision. Click here to read more.

Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District Improves to ISO Class 3 Rating
The Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District is pleased to announce effective May 1, 2017, they have achieved a Class 3 rating from the ISO Public Protection Classification (PPC) program. Of approximately 46,000 rated fire departments in the United States, less than 5,000 or 10.8% are rated Class 3 or better, of the 1,740 in the state of Missouri, 123 or 7% are Class 3 or better. Click here to read more.

2016 Alarm Responses
The Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District responded to 1,767 incidents in 2016, which surpassed our record breaking year in 2015. This was a 7.5% increase from 2015. 10.1% of the calls for the year were overlapping. Click here to read more.

New Fire Chief Hired
The Kearney Fire and Rescue Protection District has hired a new Fire Chief. Kevin Pratt will assume the duties effective January 1, 2017. Pratt began his career with the District as a volunteer in 1986. In 1991 he was hired as one of the first career firefighters for the District. He progressed through the ranks to Lieutenant in 1998, shift captain in 2005, and deputy chief in 2008. He completed his Associate Degree in Fire Science in 2006. He is a member of the Internantional Association of Fire Chiefs, serves as the co-chair of the Heart of America Fire Chiefs professional development committee, is a board member of the Northland Fire Chiefs Council, and is a board member of the Mid-America Regional Council Emergency Response Committee. During his career he has received five life saving certificates from the Firefighters Association of Missouri. Click here to read more.

Chief Pratt Announces Retirement
Chief Larry E. Pratt has announced his retirement at the end of this year from the Kearney Fire and Rescue Protection District. The Board of Directors has begun the process to select his successor.

Larry's service began with the Kearney Volunteer Fire Department as a junior firefighter in 1963. He was one of approximately a half dozen students who were dismissed from Kearney High School to respond on calls during his high school career due to a lack of manpower in the mid 1960's. Click here to read more.

(3-18-2016) Kearney Fire and EMS to receive Spot A Stroke Award from Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City for recognizing local woman's stroke symptoms
Jay McClintick presenting award from St. Lukes, FF-EMT Youngblood, FF-EMT-P Giacone, FF-EMT-P Keplinger, Janet Andes, Chief Pratt, not pictured Captain Looper, 03-21-16Spot A Stroke awards recognize quick thinking in response to a stroke and ensuring a positive outcome

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (March 18, 2016) � Janet Andes was up early the morning of July 12, 2015 drinking coffee and reading the newspaper while her husband slept. She stood up from the table and realized something was terribly wrong. She could not move her left side. She fell to the floor.

Andes' fall awakened her husband, who found her on the floor with a droop on the left side of her face, as well as weakness in her left side and a left gaze. When she tried to answer his questions, her speech was garbled. He called 911 and EMT Kent Youngblood along with paramedics Steve Giacone and Keith Keplinger, as well as Captain Robert Looper from Kearney Fire and EMS arrived within minutes to assess Andes.

The team recognized Andes was having a stroke. Knowing that time equals brain cells lost during a stroke, they quickly stabilized and transferred her to Saint Luke's Marion Bloch Neuroscience Institute at Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City. En route the team communicated with the Saint Luke's stroke team so they could prepare for Andes' arrival. Click here to read more.

2016 Permits & Plan Review Fee Schedule
Adopted by the Kearney Fire and Rescue Protection District Board of Directors on March 21, 2016. All fees will be collected at Kearney Fire & Rescue, 201 East 6th Street, Kearney, MO 64060. Click here to read more.

2015 Alarm Responses
The Kearney Fire and Rescue Protection District responded to 1,644 incidents in 2015, making this our record breaking year. This was a 7.2% increase from 2014, which was our previous breaking year. 10.4 of the calls for the year were overlapping. Click here to read more.

Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District Implements The Compliance Engine
Brycer, LLC is pleased to announce that the Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District has entered into an agreement with The Compliance Engine (TCE), a proactive compliance solution application and service. The Compliance Engine will help the Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District reduce their time spent in administering fire code requirements, increase their ability to enforce and verify compliant fire protection systems, and strengthen the protection for its citizens and visitors. Click here to read more.

Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District Earns Life Safety Achievement Award
The Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District was recently presented with a Life Safety Achievement Award for its fire prevention accomplishments in 2014 by the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) Fire Research and Education Foundation in partnership with Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company. The award was announced by H. Butch Browning, President of the NASFM Fire Research and Education Foundation. Click here to read more.

(5-11-2015) Kearney Fire and EMS to receive Spot A Stroke Award from Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City for recognizing local woman's stroke symptoms
Jay McClintick from St. Lukes presenting award, Linda Smith, FF-EMT-P Barnhart, Chief Pratt, not pictured FF-EMT Pierce, 05-18-15Award recognizes quick thinking in response to Kearney woman's stroke, leading to positive outcome

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (May 13, 2015) � July 2, 2014 began as usual for Linda Smith of Kearney, before taking a dramatic turn for the worse during breakfast. Her husband first noticed 54 year-old Linda's slurred speech, then the left side facial droop, and weakness on her left side. Thinking quickly, he called 9-1-1 and Kearney Fire and EMS responded within minutes. Paramedic Rod Barnhart and EMT Luke Pierce immediately identified Linda's symptoms as stroke. Understanding that seconds mean brain cells lost during a stroke, they stabilized her and quickly transported Linda directly to Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City, a nationally recognized Comprehensive Stroke Center capable of treating the most complex strokes.

En route to Saint Luke's, the Kearney Fire and EMS team contacted the Saint Luke's stroke team, and upon arrival Linda was immediately evaluated and categorized as a moderate to severe stroke. Thanks to Barnhart's and Pierce's quick thinking, she arrived quickly enough to receive tissue plasminogen activator, or tPA, also known as the �clot busting drug.� tPA only may be administered within a specific window of time after onset of a stroke. Neuro interventionalists at Saint Luke's Marion Bloch Neuroscience Institute removed her clot, and within a few days, Linda showed dramatic improvement and was discharged to short-term rehabilitation for extremity strengthening. Click here to read more.

Fire District Board Appoints Fire Marshal
The Board of Directors of the Kearney Fire and Rescue Protection District is pleased to announce the promotion and appointment of Firefighter-EMT Jeff Fort to the career position of Fire Marshal. Jeff will begin his duties March 1, 2015. Click here to read more.

In Tribute to Retired Assistant Chief James R. Barger
Retired Assistant Chief Jim Barger passed away on January 1, 2015, from complications of pneumonia.

Jim joined the Kearney Volunteer Fire Department (which was a city department with rural memberships outside the city limits), May 1, 1972 as a firefighter.

He was one of the first three EMT's for the department that completed their training in one of the first field EMT classes in 1973, and was elected to Assistant Chief in 1975. He began participating at the State Fair Fire Department in the mid 1970's serving in many positions including Chief.

In 1981, a successful bond issue was passed in Kearney to build a new station and purchase a new pumper. Jim was one of the volunteers that spent a lot of hours in the construction of the station, as well as the maintenance of the equipment. He attended numerous training classes including the first Midwest weekend at the National Fire Academy.

In 1985, the firefighter's association began conducting bingo as a fund raiser to purchase the extra items that the firefighters felt were needed. Jim was known as �Mr. Bingo� because he was the primary caller for the five years that bingo was conducted from September through May of each year. Over $80,000 was raised from this venture which purchased our first rescue tool, rescue vehicle, and the first years lease purchase payment for a new 1,800 gallon tanker.

The bingo fund raiser ceased when the Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District was established in August of 1990 that also included the establishment of the ambulance service in Kearney and the hiring of the first three full time personnel. Jim participated on several of the vehicle replacement committees retiring as volunteer Assistant Chief February 1, 2000, with almost 28 years of service.

The Fire District Directors, Officers and members would like to offer their condolences to the entire Barger family on his passing. The station flag will fly at half staff until sunset Thursday, January 8, 2015 in his honor.
Read Jim's obituary.

In Tribute and Honor of Past Chief Drexel Noble
The Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District is sorry to announce the passing of Kenneth "Drexel" Noble, on Thursday, December 4, 2014. Drexel served as a member of the Kearney Volunteer Fire Department in the 1960's and served as Chief from 1964 through 1966. Drexel was very instrumental in getting the junior fire department established and served as a mentor to many of the young individuals that chose to participate on the fire department. He was also the leading force behind Kearney participating in many of the fire department competitions. Drexel's leadership abilities continued on with his personal life after leaving Kearney working for a construction company and then starting his own. He constructed several buildings here in Kearney and was known for his attention to detail.

Our thoughts and prayers for his entire family, his legacy will continue on here for many years.

The station flag will fly at half staff on Monday, December 8, 2014 in tribute to Past Chief Drexel Noble. Read more.

Darrell L. Cave Tribute
The Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District is sorry to announce the passing of their last life time member, Darrell L. Cave, who is seated at the right with lifetime members Mike Thompson and Jim Hall during the 2006 City's sesquicentennial parade, on the frame of the City's original fire truck. The 1935 Ford was purchased in January of 1949 from Overland Park and Darrell was the one that actually drove it home. The flag at the station will fly at half mast on Wednesday, April 23rd in honor of Darrell. Read more.

2013 Update on Bond Fund Expenditures
The Kearney Fire and Rescue Protection District would like to provide an update on the bond funds that were approved in April of 2010. Click here for details.

Kearney's First New Pumper Returns Home
The City of Kearney purchased it's first new fire truck in 1967 which supported the 1957 Ford pumper 102 and was used primarily for city fires. The truck was initially called 104, and later changed to Eng 3. In December of 1997 the 1967 Chevrolet Central Fire Truck was donated to the Stet Volunteer Fire Department. Read full article

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